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Clean hydrogen to fit any application in your business model – sourced from the 

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Hydrogen transported directly to where you need it. Ready to use from our distribution network


Looking to decarbonise? Hydrogen has a track record of achieving carbon emission savings or enhance existing efforts

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Decades in hydrogen experience that you can access to help streamline your business model or project proposals

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Our extensive professional network means we have access to suppliers offering all aspects of the hydrogen value chain

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We have no favourites – we pick the best technology for your scenario so you get the best business case

HYDEA Webinar

As part of the HYDEA project, HIVE hydrogen is pleased to announce the first HYDEA webinar on June 19th which will look at:

Hydrogen Production for the Decarbonisation of Ports in the Atlantic Area.

The event will last 90 minutes, starting at 11am GMT+2 and you can sign up below up until June 17th.

What is HIVE Hydrogen?

At HIVE Hydrogen, we’re focused on the important stuff – creating a cleaner, greener planet by transforming the way in which we use energy with hydrogen.

We believe that hydrogen is a pivotal tool at the energy sector’s disposal – enabling decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors such as transport, heating and industry, whilst also coupling perfectly with renewable energy deployments. It has the ability to not only reduce emissions but store energy to help address critical intermittency issues.

With decades of hydrogen experience we have developed a considerable understanding of the current challenges and boundaries preventing success within the sector. Through HIVE Hydrogen, we will address these challenges head-on through practical deployments and knowledge sharing, accelerating the development of the hydrogen sector in the southwest and further afield.

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